Welcome to What 3 Words...?

What are the places that mean something to you? This is a chance to pause, and think of 3 words that reflect that meaning. Click on the map markers to find out what others have said about their places. Or use one of these four ways to choose a place to make your own marker.

Working with Gold is a programme of public art that aims to nurture a sense of place and build community.

In the map above I'm trying to capture in a simple way what places mean to people. It uses the what3words system of addressing, which divides the world into 3 metre squares and assigns three words to each. This works even when regular house and street addressing breaks down, for example in refugee camps.

It's very simple.

First pause and reflect for a moment, and then choose three words that your place means to you. If you would like to, you can add your first name or nickname, and one word about yourself right now. This could be how you are feeling, or what you are doing.

There are four ways you can add your place:

Please also feel free to browse what others have said about their places. You may also notice some mysterious 'FALAFELS drops'. There is more about FALAFELS on the Working with Gold website.

I hope you enjoy,
Clare Bryden

Terms of use: In submitting your three words, and optionally your first name or nickname and one word about yourself, means that you are implicitly giving permission for it all to be stored in a database with your chosen location, displayed in this application, and reused in other artwork. If you would like your submitted information to be removed, or in case of error or to find out more, please get in contact.