The Working with Gold logo

I wanted a logo for Working with Gold that was distinctive and related to St Loyes. I didn’t want generic community-style clipart, or something abstract that was a logo for the sake of having a logo. Thankfully, St Loye is the patron saint of gold smiths, and gold was a good avenue to pursue.

The Royal Society of Chemistry website includes a periodic table of alchemy. Gold is one of seven metals and represents perfection. Here are the symbols for gold that I considered adapting.

Alchemical symbol for gold. Source: Royal Society of Chemistry.I love this image. It’s really strong, and incorporates the L and O of Loyes. The different shapes within it could represent different aspects of the ward and connections between them. It also has echoes of smithying. I just wasn’t sure how to stretch the design to make it work on the web, in print, on stamps, etc etc. I hope to use it in a specific project.

Alchemical symbol for gold. Source: Royal Society of Chemistry.Gold also represents the sun in astrology. The rays could either represent connections, or be stubs of boundaries with other areas. It also reflects St Loyes being in the east of the city where the sun rises. However, I decided it was too ‘wispy’.

Alchemical symbol for gold. Source: Royal Society of Chemistry.This is the main symbol for gold. It could represent the boundary of St Loyes, and for example the Middlemoor roundabout. St Loyes is a sort of ‘digestive system’ for Exeter, as a hub for transport, a source of raw materials for building, and a location for utilities and communications companies. So this image lends itself to being extended with concentric rings, indicating the ripple effect from St Loyes to the rest of the city.

Alchemical symbol for gold. Source: Royal Society of Chemistry.This version also reflects the different aspects of St Loyes within the boundary: residential, public/education, office, retail, industrial. There are five gold rings!!!!! I thought I could adapt it with any number of rings as needed, it could make discs with hole(s) cut out. And it’s a strong symbol in either colour or B&W.

As regards a colour scheme, what better than to go for gold?! So there we have it!