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For posts about the treasure being forged and hoarded as part of the Working with Gold activities, please go to Goldsmithery.


NEW!! Resources for schools and communities 13 December 2018Clare

I’ve just uploaded two sets of ideas for place-based activities in schools and communities. Head on over to the Resources page for these and for more links to other resources around the website. It would be great if any of these suggested activities could be used to connect the people with the place and with each other: young ...
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Warwick Road wilderness 26 June 2018Clare

Following the “Minecraft my home” meet-up, my local councillor Peter Holland made the following request: What I am hoping to do is show the Planning Committee what will be ‘lost’ if a footpath is constructed along the back of the proposed DCH/Cygnet housing development. It is only a very small strip of land which borders the ...
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Minecraft my home meetup 28 May 2018Clare

As part of Art Week Exeter, which ran from 22-28 May I held a Minecraft meetup in St Loyes on Sat 26 May. It was an opportunity for some to learn about Minecraft, and for others to indulge in play. So within the online world, we now have two herds of ocelots and cows roaming free, and ...
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What three words…? map launch 17 January 2018Clare

A while ago, I came across the innovative addressing system what3words. It means that addresses need not be tied to streets and houses, but that anywhere can have an address. For example, the person sleeping under the Digby Hospital water tower has the address narrow.fade.novel. I wondered whether I could do anything with it, and came up ...
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FALAFELS first drop 13 January 2018Clare

FALAFELS stands for Free Art Friday Exeter St Loyes Loves Anagrams. You have to think about it a bit! Free Art Friday is a joyful way of sharing art, and brightening someone’s day – find out more about FALAFELS and the origins of Free Art Friday here. Here’s a pic of my first FALAFELS drop on Friday ...
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