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For posts about the treasure being forged and hoarded as part of the Working with Gold activities, please go to Goldsmithery.


Warwick Road wilderness 26 June 2018 ClareFollowing the “Minecraft my home” meet-up, my local councillor Peter Holland made the following request: What I am hoping to do is show the Planning Committee what will be ‘lost’ if a footpath is constructed along the back of the proposed DCH/Cygnet housing development. It is only a very small strip of land which borders the ... Read more »

Minecraft my home meetup 28 May 2018 ClareAs part of Art Week Exeter, which ran from 22-28 May I held a Minecraft meetup in St Loyes on Sat 26 May. It was an opportunity for some to learn about Minecraft, and for others to indulge in play. So within the online world, we now have two herds of ocelots and cows roaming free, and ... Read more »

D-Tour on the bus 1 April 2018 Clare In March 2018, students from Exeter University and artists from Blind Ditch invited travellers on the D bus route in Exeter to share their ‘thoughts looking sidewards’ – short writings, musings and poetries about their journey. Their creative offerings were distributed to other passengers for voice recording. The thoughts formed the inspiration and soundtrack for this video ... Read more »

FALAFELS first drop 13 January 2018 ClareFALAFELS stands for Free Art Friday Exeter St Loyes Loves Anagrams. You have to think about it a bit! Free Art Friday is a joyful way of sharing art, and brightening someone’s day – find out more about FALAFELS and the origins of Free Art Friday here. Here’s a pic of my first FALAFELS drop on Friday ... Read more »