The treasure being forged and hoarded as part of the Working with Gold activities, which is to say information about St Loyes, St Loye, your stories and images, and much else of interest.

NEW!! Resources for schools and communities 13 December 2018 ClareI’ve just uploaded two sets of ideas for place-based activities in schools and communities. Head on over to the Resources page for these and for more links to other resources around the website. It would be great if any of these suggested activities could be used to connect the people with the place and with each other: young ... Read more »

How well do you know St Loyes? 12 December 2018 ClareThe Office for National Statistics had the original and best “How well do you know your area” quiz – see Alan Smith’s talk at TEDxExeter – but it is no longer available online. Have a go at this InYourArea quiz instead. Then if you would like to find out more about St Loyes, here are some useful ... Read more »

The old ways 15 October 2018 ClareThere are several old routes through Digby. What are now Quarry Lane and Digby Drive both appear on the 1801 drawing for the first edition Ordnance Survey map of Exeter, and are probably much older. The route of Quarry Lane still exists, from the bottom of East Wonford Hill, past the Heavitree Stone quarries, and east ... Read more »

Bypass Camp 15 October 2018 ClareThe area from Rydon Park to Toby Carvery used to be occupied by a military camp. It is recorded on Luftwaffe aerial photographs of 1st July 1940. It is possible that this is ‘Bypass Camp’ which was the base for the 4th United States Army Quartermaster Company and 704th Ordnance Company of the 4th Infantry ... Read more »

What on earth is the Kyrangle? 10 July 2018 Clare Thank you for asking! When I named the “Star Spangled Kyrangle”, I thought it was common knowledge, as it is marked on Google Maps. But it managed to bemuse some local residents who hadn’t heard the name before. It’s the area of green next to Clyst Heath School, west of the railway line. In times past, ... Read more »

Warwick Road wilderness 26 June 2018 ClareFollowing the “Minecraft my home” meet-up, my local councillor Peter Holland made the following request: What I am hoping to do is show the Planning Committee what will be ‘lost’ if a footpath is constructed along the back of the proposed DCH/Cygnet housing development. It is only a very small strip of land which borders the ... Read more »

Subversion in Minecraft 1 June 2018 ClarePreviously, I’ve written about how people in St Loyes are subverting the ‘normal’ design for the car, and making desire paths. Now, in Minecraft, I’m rolling out the red carpet for these champions of life, liberty and the pursuit of walking! The pedestrian crossings on Rydon Lane are at road junctions, inconvenient for actual footpaths. You ... Read more »

Imagine a Community Hub 30 May 2018 ClareSt Loyes is a mishmash of council housing, mobile homes, old and new suburbs, industrial estate, retail park, M5 J30 services and part of Ludwell Valley Park. There is no community centre, post office, or anything obvious that connects people and provides heart. There are a few cafés for workers on Sowton, but there aren’t really any ... Read more »

Minecraft my home meetup 28 May 2018 ClareAs part of Art Week Exeter, which ran from 22-28 May I held a Minecraft meetup in St Loyes on Sat 26 May. It was an opportunity for some to learn about Minecraft, and for others to indulge in play. So within the online world, we now have two herds of ocelots and cows roaming free, and ... Read more »

Horrible history of Exe Vale Tesco 22 May 2018 ClareDid you know? St Loyes has quite the horrible history, what with hangings, massacres, battles and burials, and a mental asylum. For example, the Exe Vale Tesco store and car park are built on the burial ground of a 16th century battle. According to the Historic Environment Record, a farmer unearthed dozens of bones in the 1960s ... Read more »

Planning applications and imagining alternatives 16 May 2018 ClareThere doesn’t seem to be a week goes by without the announcement of a proposed development in St Loyes, or that will affect St Loyes. At the moment I can think of the following, at various stages of approval: McCarthy & Stone off Russell Way near Tesco – DevonLive 13 Mar 2018 Retail on the Tesco car ... Read more »

Visit St Loyes! 18 April 2018 ClareExeter City Futures have produced a St Loyes world in Minecraft for me. After flying around it for a while, I started seeking out some interesting views and taking screenshots. Then I made myself a St Loyes Tourist Board hat, put it on, and had some fun making these old-style railway posters. Hopefully a couple will ... Read more »

Clare & Rosie went for a wander 31 March 2018 ClareBack when I was still thinking about what a programme of public in art in St Loyes might look like, I went for a wander around the ward with Rosie King. Rosie is an environmental artist with an interest in place and its buildings. I first came across her in 2015 when she was chalking ... Read more »

Subversion 24 March 2018 ClareLast year, Rosie King and I took a wander around St Loyes, noticing and thinking about the built and natural environment, and how we inhabit our space. At lunchtime, on a green verge in Sowton industrial estate, we saw some workmen in their hi-vis resting on a line of boulders and having a smoke. At the ... Read more »

Tranquility 17 March 2018 ClareIn a ward that is mostly council housing, suburbs, industrial and retail park, and motorway services, tranquility might seem to be at a premium. Yet there are many pockets of green space in St Loyes. One of my ideas for this art programme is to hold some St Loyes Random Picnics, or SLuRPs for short! ... Read more »

FALAFELS fotos 10 March 2018 ClareFor the 9 February FALAFELS drop, I changed the design of the cards, to include What three words…? on the front and a photo of St Loyes on the back. Here are the photos of #StLoyes on the backs of #FALAFELS so far… Digby Water Tower, Ludwell Rise, Woodwater Lane by night — Working with Gold ... Read more »

FALAFELS drop, 9 March 2018 10 March 2018 Clare Cycling water: sea, rain, drinking, sewerage#WorkingwithGold #FreeArtFridayExeterStLoyesLovesAnagrams #FALAFELS #FreeArtFriday #Exeter #StLoyes #threewords #twodropstoday #art #freeart #streetart #takehome #spreadjoy #loveyourplace #digdeeper #bepresent #awareness #passiton — Working with Gold (@workingwithgold) March 9, 2018 Read more »

FALAFELS drop, 27 February 2018 28 February 2018 Clare Work and play#WorkingwithGold #FreeArtFridayExeterStLoyesLovesAnagrams #FALAFELS #FreeArtFriday #OKTuesday! #betterlatethannever #FreeArtFridayExeter #Exeter #StLoyes #threewords #art #freeart #takehome #spreadjoy #loveyourplace #digdeeper #bepresent #playeverywhere #passiton — Working with Gold (@workingwithgold) February 27, 2018 Read more »

FALAFELS drop, 16 February 2018 17 February 2018 Clare Archives and memories#FreeArtFridayExeterStLoyesLovesAnagrams #FALAFELS #FreeArtFriday #FreeArtFridayExeter #Exeter #StLoyes #lovewords #what3words #art #freeart #streetart #dropart #findart #takehome #enjoy #spreadingjoy #loveyourplace #digdeeper #bepresent #awareness #passiton — Working with Gold (@workingwithgold) February 16, 2018 Read more »

FALAFELS drop, 9 February 2018 10 February 2018 Clare Coming and going#FreeArtFridayExeterStLoyesLovesAnagrams #FALAFELS #FreeArtFriday #FreeArtFridayExeter #Exeter #StLoyes #lovewords #what3words #art #freeart #streetart #dropart #findart #takehome #enjoy #spreadingjoy #loveyourplace #digdeeper #bepresent #awareness #passiton — Working with Gold (@workingwithgold) February 9, 2018 Read more »