What three words…? map launch

A while ago, I came across the innovative addressing system what3words. It means that addresses need not be tied to streets and houses, but that anywhere can have an address. For example, the person sleeping under the Digby Hospital water tower has the address narrow.fade.novel.

I wondered whether I could do anything with it, and came up with the idea of asking people what three words their place means to them. Initially, i linked it to the address system, but that made it confusing, and it fell away.

So here is the What three words…? app, that let’s you choose your place and enter your words, and browse what others have said about their places.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be around and about the area with a tablet, asking people what they think. Watch out!

What three words...?

FALAFELS first drop

FALAFELS stands for Free Art Friday Exeter St Loyes Loves Anagrams. You have to think about it a bit!

Free Art Friday is a joyful way of sharing art, and brightening someone’s day – find out more about FALAFELS and the origins of Free Art Friday here.

Here’s a pic of my first FALAFELS drop on Friday 12th January. Can you tell where I left it, and where I was talking to Sue? Did you find the cards? Did you use the second one? Let me know in the comments below. More background to what’s on the card in a few days…

My hopes for FALAFELS are that you find and enjoy the pieces I’ll be leaving around St Loyes, and that you are inspired to get involved and do some Free Art Friday drops yourselves. The more the merrier!


St Elsewhere

A long time ago (1982-88) in a galaxy far, far away (the United States) … there was a TV show called “St Elsewhere”. It was an Emmy-award winning medical drama series set in a fictional Boston Hospital called St Eligius.

Now, of course, you know that St Eligius is the Latin name for St Loye, and that St Loyes doesn’t include either the area around St Loyes Road often labelled as ‘St Loyes’ on maps, nor the old St Loyes Foundation site, nor even St Loyes Chapel, which is the wrong side of Rifford Road.

So that St Elsewhere got me thinking. Where are all the other St Loyes elsewhere in the country? As well as the above, so far I’ve come up with:

Can you find any others?