Minecraft my home

Working with Gold Towers

Make giant sculptures in your neighbourhood

Pave the streets with gold

Turn your home into a castle

Subvert urban design: cover it with flowers

… or simply…

Dip your toe into Minecraft for the first time

“Minecraft my home” is a re-creation of St Loyes as a world in the Minecraft game. It lets you explore your neighbourhood in a new way, imagine new possibilities for it, get rid of the things you don’t like, and put in the things you do. You can experiment… ask what if? You can express your frustration with your workplace or school in safety! Or you can be subversive, and make small changes that question the status quo.

For example, I think much of St Loyes has been designed with the car in mind, rather than people. So I’m interested in where people walk anyway – crossing a dual carriageway halfway between pedestrian crossings, or cutting a corner, or taking a shortcut through a hedge – and am laying red carpets for them. And there’s much more…

You can go anywhere, even fly. You can destroy or build, dig down or plant, lay railway track or spawn donkeys. The world is your (very blocky) oyster.

How to get going with the St Loyes world in Minecraft

The St Loyes map is available to download for computers (Java Edition for Windows/OS) and mobile devices (Pocket Edition/Windows 10). The Pocket Edition version is as automatically generated (see below). The Java Edition includes some corrections I made to the map, and my addition of Working with Gold Towers. You can explore and play in this world in singleplayer mode, and you can set up Pocket Edition multiplayer and interact with people in the same room.

From May to December 2018, the Java Edition world was also available on a multiplayer online server. A number of players built some interesting stuff, and we saved the final version for you to download and explore in singleplayer mode. Have a wander and see what you can find and modify.

Please share screenshots of anything you build
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I’ve created two crib sheets with more information – for newbies and old hands! The first is more detail on how to get access to Minecraft and to the St Loyes world. The second is what I would have found helpful when I first encountered Minecraft – one of RAMM’s maps of historic Exeter – and had no idea even how to move around the world! So it’s got the basics on how to move around, build, and chat, as well as some locations in St Loyes where you can teleport.

How the St Loyes world was created

This activity is created in partnership with Exeter City Futures. They generated St Loyes in Minecraft using the Geocraft software, which takes as its inputs open data from Defra and OpenStreetMap. The colours on OpenStreetMap give the land use – buildings, grass, water, etc; and the Defra LiDAR data give the surface level and the height of buildings and other features.

It’s a great start, but because it’s all automated there are inevitably quirks. For example, railways and bridges don’t quite work; part of Kings Heath is flattened; and there are some interesting water spouts. In the Java Edition, I think I found all the water spouts and turned them into trees, and I rebuilt the railway (while on a train to London – it was a very odd sensation laying track forward while travelling backwards!). Feel free to make any more corrections.

Terms of use

The “Minecraft my home” world is provided as part of the “Working with Gold” project for you to play, experiment and create.

I plan to make the singleplayer worlds available to download for as long as the Working with Gold website exists, but reserve the right to withdraw or restrict access at any time. I am not responsible for any website or server outages.

Beyond providing two crib sheets on accessing the world and basic Minecraft play, I am not providing any player support. Please ask the nearest 10 year old!

Please play nicely!

You are welcome to take screenshots of the world, and please do share on social media, but note that you can’t make commercial use of them. We are all bound by the Minecraft licence agreement at https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula.


Exeter City Futures

Massive thanks to Exeter City Futures, and Mark Jones in particular. Exeter City Futures have their own Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge. See their website for more information.

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