Problematic politics

The St Loyes Ward has a funny position in Exeter. It is part of the Exeter City Council area. However, in 2010 the Parliamentary Constituency boundaries were redrawn, and St Loyes was moved from Exeter to East Devon.

I saw something of the campaigning in the 2017 General Election, and found that many residents did not know which Constituency they lived in. Would they have voted differently as a result? Would they engage their actual MP differently now if they knew who he was and that he was in a different party?

The Boundary Commission has recently been conducting a review of Constituency boundaries. One proposal was that St Loyes be moved back into the Exeter constituency, and many people supported this. However, in September the Boundary Commission recommended that we stay where we are in East Devon. So here we are, with the prospect of another General Election looking increasingly likely.

But that’s not all! In 2016, Exeter City Council redrew the Ward boundaries, so the Ward and Constituency boundaries no longer line up either. Nor do they line up with the Devon County Council Wonford & St Loyes Division boundary.

The Ordnance Survey has a great site where you can look at the various boundaries – Here are the City Ward and Constituency boundaries.



NEW!! Resources for schools and communities

I’ve just uploaded two sets of ideas for place-based activities in schools and communities. Head on over to the Resources page for these and for more links to other resources around the website.

It would be great if any of these suggested activities could be used to connect the people with the place and with each other: young and old; residents, businesses and public sector organisations. It would be equally great if some engaging public art was created. And last, but by no means least, it would be great if everyone involved had a lot of fun!

The ideas relate to different types of art, eg visual, conceptual, writing, digital, environment. Many of the ideas were dreamed up with school students in mind. They can all be adapted to fit different age groups.

How well do you know St Loyes?

The Office for National Statistics had the original and best “How well do you know your area” quiz – see Alan Smith’s talk at TEDxExeter – but it is no longer available online.

Have a go at this InYourArea quiz instead.

Then if you would like to find out more about St Loyes, here are some useful links: